Annual Fund Drive2

Dear Families,

Sonrise is a place that is different than most schools in a variety of ways. Unlike districts with budgets in the tens of millions of dollars, our school depends on God to provide for its needs. Mr. Patel recently noted that just three years ago, Sonrise only made about $1,000 after all our expenses were paid for the year. This was after several years of battling to get out of the red.

Thankfully, God always provides for His ministry. In recent years, money raised from our fundraisers has gone towards making campus improvements. The main playground, school fence, bathroom & locker room renovations, new air conditioning units, our soon-to-be-completed handball courts, and many other projects have all been funded through the generosity of our school families! While Sonrise does not have a surplus of funds like many school districts, it does have a surplus of the Holy Spirit who always provides for our needs. And He uses our families and supporters to build upon our school so that students here can continue to shine as they are pointed to Christ every day. 

This week, you will receive information about our Annual Fund Drive. Please know that funds raised in our fundraisers are always re-invested back into our school. They truly make a direct impact on the lives of our students. I encourage you to review the information and pray about participating in the Annual Fund Drive as we continue to seek God to make improvements to our campus. We look forward to what God has in store!


Miguel Mendoza
Executive Director

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