Sonrise is a vibrant community to cultivate an environment where children grow in the Son. We have partnered with thousands of parents over the 50+ years that we have served the local community. We continue to work together with parents so that students can grow spiritually, academically, and physically as they are guided by a community of people who have dedicated their lives to Christian education.


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Dear Parents,

It comes with great joy that I recommend you to enroll your child at Sonrise Christian School. As you seek the school that best suits your child's needs, I encourage you to explore this fantastic organization. ONE&ALL Church and Sonrise Christian School have been partners in the community for over 20 years. At ONE&ALL, we believe that the next generation is the one that we need to reach to make an impact in the world for the kingdom of God. The Christian values that Sonrise exemplifies will not only foster your child's spiritual growth, but also provide a learning environment for your child to excel. We ask for your continued support, encouragement, and prayers for their academic year and incoming Kindergartners.


Jeff Vines, Lead Pastor

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Jeff Vines and Manish Patel on church stage

Christian Education Partner of ONE&ALL

When I first toured the campus, I felt the love and warmth that my children would feel too. Sonrise helped us raise our children not only in the Son, but academically as well. My kids were prepared for high school after Sonrise. They grew to be thoughtful and respectful of others. That is why I chose Sonrise Christian School.

Beverly Kluger  


The school has made us feel welcomed and comfortable. Sonrise promotes unity by beginning each day with the flag salute, a patriotic song, and prayer. Being able to stay on campus for those activities each morning is wonderful.

Cassandra Estrada  


God is held as the highest of priories and incorporated into my child’s daily activities. Staff and educators are genuinely vested in the children's education and are in constant contact with parents. I love the fact that the school is not only clean but practices cleanliness and order. The school curriculum and calendar are always up to date and passed on to parents in a timely manner. It is easy to reach out to my child’s teacher and she in return responds in a very timely manner. I love everything about this school.

Sandra Garrido  


We would like to express our gratitude for the excellent education and preparation my son received at Sonrise. He had a wonderful experience attending summer school in High School. On his first day in class, he was asked to write a paper using in-text citations. He was one of the few in class who knew how to do this and was able to seamlessly and independently write his paper during class. On the third day of class, he was asked to do a presentation and effortlessly was able to confidently present. Sadly, other students in class really struggled with presenting. His ability to confidently present is largely attributed to the training he received doing presentations at Sonrise. Our son independently completed all assignments over the summer and did not need (nor want) any help jointly proofreading his work. He received an A+ in the history class he took over the summer. He officially started high school this week and he felt very prepared and confident. He is having a wonderful transition to high school and is making new friends and enjoying his classes. Thank you again for all that you and the Sonrise team did to pour into him and for your instrumental role in readying him for the next chapter in life.

George and Lisa Atilano  



Our admissions personnel will guide you by providing helpful information, answering all of your questions, guiding you through a tour of our 13-acre campus, showing you aspects of our 50,000 sq. ft. facilities, and helping you to navigate through the enrollment process. Visit the button below to learn more about how Sonrise can help fuel your child's academic and spiritual growth.