Mr. Patel sharing his heart

Dear Sonrise Family,

It seems like the first day of school was just a few weeks ago. How does another year go by so quickly? My personal feeling on this is that time seems to fly when you are having fun and surrounded by love and laughter. I am so very grateful for all that God has done and continues to do for our Sonrise family.

Hopefully you were able to get your hands and eyes onto this year's yearbook. Mrs. Lehnhard did an amazing job capturing this past school year. I believe she still has a few yearbooks left but once they are gone, they are gone. Please reach out to us if you still want one.

Even though this year is wrapping up, my team and I began working on next year's plan a few months ago. We believe we are in the beginning stages of a great run for Sonrise. Our enrollment is up over 25% and we don't see God slowing down anytime soon. With growth comes decisions on how to continue serving our students and families to the highest level. I will be sharing much over the course of the summer but wanted to share two big decisions that God has confirmed with you now. First, Mrs. Walulik will be shifting her role from Middle School Principal to Assistant Head of School. Also, Mr. Wheeler will expand his role as Dean to be part of my administrative team to ensure we are fully prepared to handle all that God brings to us.

I could never close a year or honestly any message without making sure you knew how much I dearly love your family. I can't believe God has allowed me to work here for the past ten years and I pray I get another 10 or 20, if He allows. There is no place I'd rather be than here serving God by taking care of your children and family.

I will miss you and will be praying for you over the summer.

Love and blessings,

Mr. Patel
Head of School