Students gathered in prayer.


At Sonrise Christian School, we advocate a way of life based on the truths and values of the Christian faith as revealed in the New Testament.

We believe that God is the source of all truth and that there is an essential unity in all truth. God’s truth is revealed to us in two primary ways; first through His creation and, secondly, through the Bible as seen especially in the life of Jesus Christ.

We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God given by the Holy Spirit and that it is an authoritative and accurate revelation of God’s will and purpose for all of human-kind.

We believe that this faith in the saving grace of Jesus Christ is expressed through baptism, which unites a person with His death, burial, and resurrection, and a life lived in obedience to His will.

We believe that all of us have sinned before God and as sinners we deserve condemnation, but by the grace of God, we can be saved from the consequences of sin through faith in Jesus Christ and repentance of sin.

We believe it is our duty and privilege to tell everyone that Jesus is the Son of God and that it is only in Him that we can have eternal life.