Dear Families,

I don't know about you but do you have a sense of belonging to a community? Or is that something that may intimidate you or even make you a bit nervous about? I want to remind you that God says we were never meant to do life or ministry alone. But instead we were created for companionship. Community was God's plan to change the world. Jesus had the power to live life alone but instead, He chose to live in community with his disciples by his side. Christ was the perfect example of the importance of living in community. Family, we need each other. We were designed for relationships, for community. This means that we get to have the assurance of being encouraged when we feel down, we have someone to help when we struggle with a problem, or celebrate with us in the victories, and most importantly we learn to love as Jesus loved. Jesus commanded us to “… love one another, just as I have loved you” John 15:12. So I encourage you today, what opportunities do you have to come together in community with those around you? Where can you show up and be the hands and feet ofJesus in someone's life today? And if you are not sure where to find that opportunity or need some direction let me remind you that here at Sonrise one of our biggest missions is to create community amongst our Sonrise family. And what better way than to start our year off with our Sonrise Family Movie Night! Come and gather for some fun and fellowship among your beloved Sonrise family! I promise you, becoming part of a community is easier than you think and it's always better when Christ is at the center of it! We hope to see you Friday night!