Dear Families,

I'm excited to share some insights about Sonrise to dispel common misconceptions. While some may argue that private schools have a lot of wealth, I want to highlight the wealth that really matters at Sonrise: our spiritual richness in the Lord. For 55 years, God has been our faithful Provider, blessing us in countless ways.

Even though our bank account is not overflowing with lavish wealth, it's important to note the incredible journey we've been through. Sonrise faced several financial challenges when Mr. Patel first became Head of School. By the end of his third year, the school was out of the red and just four years ago, our school's financial statements showed a profit of around $1,000 after meeting all costs and tuition. This achievement came after years of financial hardship. This journey underscores the importance of our stewardship and is a beautiful testimony of God's faithfulness to Sonrise.

Since then, we have made significant campus improvements thanks to the generosity of school families through our various school fundraisers. Projects such as remodeled bathrooms, new playgrounds, upgraded air conditioning, campus fencing, upgraded locker rooms, new carpets, and more would not be possible without the support of our school community.

As we embark on the first major fundraiser of the school year, I invite you to get involved and contribute as God lights the way forward for Sonrise. Your donation to the Annual Fund Drive is essential to support new campus improvements this year. By following our tiered gift guide, you will help improve our school and receive winter goodies as a token of our appreciation for your generosity. These winter bundle items will only be available during the Annual Fund Drive, so take advantage of this opportunity to give.

Starting this week, families can contribute directly to the Annual Fund Drive or raise funds by sharing our fundraising link via text, email, or social media with friends, family, and co-workers. Be on the lookout for informational materials that will be sent home with your student soon.

Thank you for your consideration and invaluable role in making Sonrise the best place it can be! 


Miguel Mendoza

Executive Director