Hello Sonrise family,

Welcome back! 

Do you remember playing Capture the Flag when you were little? The uncertainty of whether or not you could get to the flag. The hyper awareness of everyone and everything moving around you. The laser-like focus you had on that tiny little object. The adrenaline you felt when you were able to capture it and win the game. At that moment, nothing else mattered; only winning the game. 

Now, juxtapose that with Peter in the boat during the storm and Jesus walking towards them on the water. The disciples were scared. When they figured out who it was, Peter wanted to come out on the water to join him. When Peter kept his eyes on Jesus, he walked on the water. The moment he looked around he started to sink. He lost his perspective. He lost sight of Jesus. 

Now, think of our own lives. How many storms of life have we faced and then lost sight of Jesus? It is easy to do. When we keep our attention on Jesus; the storms of life continue around us but we can know we are not alone. We will always face adversity but we need to put our wonderful creator in front of us and not lose sight of who we need to put our trust in. Just like the game, or Peter, we need to focus on the truth. Keep that laser- like focus on him and nothing else around us will matter; only Jesus. And then, here is the greatest part! Wait with expectancy as to where he will lead you next. You cannot go wrong when He guides your path. Our Bible verse for the year says in Psalm 119:105, “Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path”. Keep your eyes on Jesus to be that light. Expect him, embrace him, and then let him show you the way!

In His love,


First Grade Teacher