Dear Sonrise Families,

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year! As we embark on what surely holds to be another fantastic year full of blessings, lessons, love and encouragement, I am grateful to open my heart to you in this opening message. 

I can only speak for myself but as soon as a trial of any kind comes my way, I seem to begin to doubt and wonder what is next. It's like I'm entering a dark room and can't see anything but perhaps just where my two feet are as I slowly walk, hoping not to hit my toe on something. In this regard, I get concerned with what obstacles will hit my life deterring me from the path I prefer to be on. I've learned over many years now that even though my heart may be plunged into an initial pool of worry, my first stop is to seek God, give my problem to Him and let His word light the path forward. He has never failed me, ever! It is with this fact that we have chosen Psalm 119:105 as this year's Bible verse. 

In over 55 years of rich history, Sonrise has had its fair share of ups and downs and God has always been faithful. He has always shown us the way forward through His perfect Word. Sonrise's enrollment is higher than it has been in over a decade and there is great optimism for even a brighter future. Yet the past tells us that we will eventually see another valley. And my heart wanders to the thought of whether we can afford the lease payment to Charter Oak, which has increased to $43,000/month and will only continue growing. More than ever I am asking God to light our path forward and show us the road home to our very own campus. I fully believe that God has a plan and we must trust that even though we can only see our current position in 2023, the plans for 2024 and beyond will clearly be seen as God faithfully illuminates our path. 

Please pray along with me for God's guidance and wisdom to fall upon us. I can't wait to see you and share in this year's journey. 


Mr. Patel